Monday, June 02, 2008

Creativity With Grass

Posted by Damn Amazing Pics

Interesting Grass Sculptures:

The carpet of grass which was grown was later floated in the lake at Akerby Sculpture Park, Sweden.
Green roofs:

Green roofs add natural beauty to a landscape that is increasingly dominated by concrete & pavement.

Tiger Grass Coat:

To celebrate the launch of a new website these sofas were arranged in San Francisco.

Another high-profile installation by Blanc is at the CaixaForum Madrid by Herzog & De Meuron.

A fresh salad billboard using grass:

The National's Lyttelton fly tower in grass by Ackroyd & Harvey. The grass was planted into clay layered onto the concrete tower, & watered. It was a timed.

Green Car

This sculpture was created as a part of Eden Project.

Vertical gardens are very popular these days. And for growing these, all you need is a metal support, PVC & grass felt, & its not that difficult as it looks. Patrick Blanc is a well-known vertical garden architect & this is his work:

This one is from Singapore & it includes almost 100 panels.