Sunday, June 01, 2008

Creativity With Newspaper

Posted by Damn Amazing Pics

A beautiful use of newspapers by creating a public installation which highlights the environmental result of yesterday's news by Sumer Erek for Creative City.

Newspaper sculpture.

Another newspaper sculpture.

Gotham City has Batman, Metropolis has Superman and Honolulu has.... Newspaper man."

Here we have recycled newspaper wine bag, market bag, & wallet. When it comes to the bags, you'll always have something to read when you're waiting. Apart from this, as its recycled each will vary & will be one of a kind. That sounds interesting.

Here we have laptop bag made from newspaper & it looks really cool!

Nick creates paper sculptures using thousands of rolled up newspapers & here is one of his creations.

Here we have yarn from old newspapers by Greetje van Tiem, that can be woven into carpets, curtains & upholstery.