Sunday, June 22, 2008

Worlds Biggest Salad

Posted by Damn Amazing Pics

Spanish town tosses worlds biggest salad

For all those who love salads here is a news to feast on. Reports have it that, a southern Spanish town has tossed what the officials call the World’s Biggest Salad on Saturday.

The salad is said to involve 6,700 kilograms of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers and olives.

The preparation of the salad took three hours with 20 cooks working on it to mix all the ingredients needed to make the salad.

The salad was made in a town of Pulpi in the province of Almeria considered to be one of Spain’s main fruit and vegetable growing area.

Reports have it that this salad will be distributed to all the restaurants in Pulpi who will in turn serve their customers for free.

People of the town surely have a big reason to feast outside in numerous restaurants across the town.

A Guinness Book of World Records judge made his presence felt at the venue where this one of a kind salad was tossed. He confirmed that this is the World’s Biggest salad ever tossed and had set a new record all together.

With the world always setting some extravagant record or the other, this unique record will take some spices from cooks across the world to break. Only time can tell if this record will be broken by any other town in the world.

Since France is considered a paradise for chefs, considering the availability of different kind of experimental cuisines, will a town in this part of the world eye at the record?.