Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shearing of the Beasts

Posted by Damn Amazing Pics

Held every year in the village of Sabucedo, Spain “La Rapa Das Bestas“, as the Spanish call it, is a 400-year-old festival where horses that are caught in the hills are rounded up and guided into an arena of sorts called the Corral of Sabucedo, where they are sheared and branded.

This year’s festival was held on July 5 and, as you can see, it’s very very brutal. I am old for the preservation of old traditions and customs but I truly believe this “festival” should be banned. I mean just look at what they are doing to the poor animals, they jump on them, grab them by whatever they can and try to immobilize them to cut their tales and tag them. This is medieval stuff!


Me: said...

These people are distusting and they should be brutally punished for this!! it brakes my heart to see how some people treat animals..jesus!! whatdid the horses ever do to them!! this is just unhuman! god!!:@:@ these people should be ashamed!

Worldgonemad said...

Inhuman savage heartless medieval humans.Thats all these people are. This would be huge news if this happened in the UK the people involved would be put away in prison.This is what in medieval times people wuld do for entertainment. In my eyes Spain is still in the dark ages.I cannot believe what sort of pain and fear these horses went through. In hundreds of years we will look back and say what savages they were back then.

Worldgonemad said...

I agree these people are simply savages. This would not be alowed here in UK th public outcry would be huge.These savages have no shame.If Satan lives on this earth it lives within these people.