Monday, September 29, 2008

A Sandwich Can Kill You!

Posted by Damn Amazing Pics

This is the motto of Buns and Guns Restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon.

“They accuse us of terrorism, so let’s serve terrorist bread, why not?” says Mr. Ibrahim, the owner of Buns and Guns. The restaurant looks like a military post, with sand-bags to protect the clients, sounds of machine-guns and bombs instead of music and illustrations of different weapons all around.

Set up in a Hezbollah-controlled area of Beirut, Buns and Guns started attracting customers on the first day it opened and foods like “terrorist bread, rocket propelled grenade, Dragunov, Kalashnikov, Viper or B52″ are becoming more and more popular.

Mr. Ibrahim says the only way a Buns and Guns sandwich can kill somebody is by its generous size.