Saturday, November 22, 2008

The heroine

Posted by Damn Amazing Pics

And 25-year-old Jessica Cox, a month ago received a pilot's license-athlete, but even she has two black belts in Thekvondo diploma psychologist, lecturer and a successful career-motivators.Why not have Jessica? Обоих рук. Both hands.
Congenital disability does not prevent it from achieving its goals.From birth, she had to compensate otustvie hands, feet.It can drive a car, typing 25 words per minute, and manage aircraft - all through the legs and without any special devices.It is the first woman with a disability licensed pilot.
"I seriously recommend that people with disabilities to seriously consider engaging in aviation", - said Jessica - "it helps break the stereotype of helplessness people with disabilities, and to create confidence in their ability and strength to set and achieve ambitious goals."
Jessica has been flight-training free of charge through a charitable organization Able Flight in North Carolina, which specializes in the integration of people with disabilities to aviation.